Every startup business has some kind of IP rights, which the startup business entity should understand e.g. new innovative product or service, which could be protected via patents, brand protection by way of filing trademarks. It is highly important to secure and commercialize the IP rights in order right from the start.

Our Services for Startups

We at GIP India offer a wide array of IPR services to meet requirements of a startup. A list of IPR services offered by us is provided below.

  • Availing benefits of Startup India scheme for startup companies;
  • General advisory on different intellectual property rights to startup companies;
  • Specific advisory or IP Audits on intellectual property rights in the products or services that startups have created;
  • Information on protecting and promoting IPRs of startups in other countries;
  • Assistance in filing and disposal of the IP applications related to patents, trademarks and designs in India;
  • Filing and obtaining Patents in US and globally;
  • Preparing and filing responses to examination reports and other queries;
  • Assistance in drafting and vetting licensing agreements; and
  • Official IPR facilitation.

Our Advantages

Our firm has been working closely in Indian startup ecosystems since 2011. We have worked with early stage startups that are now series funded companies. Some of the key advantages while engaging us are as follows:

  • Easy approachability;
  • End to end hand holding in the IP process;
  • Complimentary IP audit session with our team to identify potential IP created; and
  • Flexible retainer fees on engagement.