Industrial Designs

Our design services include:
  • Conducting novelty and originality searches for designs
  • Novelty and Originality Opinions
  • Preparing and filing design applications
  • Handling prosecution till grant of the registration certificate
  • Publications, Renewals, Cancellations
  • Drafting of Assignments

Copyright, Media & Entertainment

GIP India offers the following services for copyrights and designs:
  • Copyright Filing Support
  • Copyright Use Opinions
  • Copyright Infringement Opinion

Trademark & Brand Protection

Trademark is your identity, do not let it dilute. Protecting your trademark is imperative in today's world. It is better to act rather than ignore. Following are the trademark services we offer:
  • Performing trademark and corporate name right-to-use searches
  • Preparing, filing and prosecuting trademark applications in India and foreign jurisdictions, such as US and Europe
  • Developing trademark, domain name and corporate name protection and enforcement programs
  • Rendering infringement opinions
  • Managing domestic and foreign trademark portfolios
  • Conducting trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • Negotiating, drafting and recording trademark licenses, assignments and other contracts relating to trademarks
  • Trademark Assignments, Licenses & Agreements
  • Trademark watch